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6 End-Of-Year Questions To Ask Your Tax Advisor, 12.10.2013

Your end-of-year to-do list may seem full already. But it’s not complete unless it includes a conversation with your accountant. Now that you can see how your year has ended up — whether you’ll be getting that raise you angled for, had your first child, bought a new house or launched your own business — ...


Small-Business Partnerships to Be Priority of IRS Exams: Taxes, 11.11.2013

The Internal Revenue Service is shifting its small-business audit focus from corporations to various types of partnerships as those entities have grown more prevalent and complex, according to an agency official.


Reducing IRS Penalties

​Forbes Magazine, 09.01.2013

Each year the IRS assesses millions of penalties against taxpayers. Most taxpayers are unaware that post-assessment the IRS also abates many of those same penalties. During fiscal year 2012 the IRS assessed 37 million penalties against taxpayers. The IRS later abated about 5 million of those penalties...

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